5 Herbal Home Remedies For Asthma!

Have you ever tried blocking any pipe that transmits air? If you do so, you’ll understand why you feel it so difficult to breathe when there’s and asthma attack! You just have to squeeze the pipe of your vacuum cleaner for few seconds and see how it doesn’t let any air come out and makes strange noises. Same is the case with your wind pipe or trachea, the passage from which air is let out by the lungs for you to breathe.


Home Remedies for Asthma

1. Fenugreek Seeds, Honey, Ginger Remedy for Asthma
This is an Ayurvedic remedy for asthma using the wonder spice fenugreek seeds along with ginger and honey. Honey is very good for your respiratory tract. The components of ginger like gingerols, shogaols and zingerones have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are beneficial in curing asthma. In fact, a study conducted by the American Thoracic Society International Conference found that when ginger compounds were added to isoproterenol (asthma medication), it became more effective. Fenugreek too is very good remedy to cure any respiratory problems including asthma and bronchitis. Get this:

Fenugreek seeds- 2 tbsp
Ginger paste (make it from fresh ginger root)- 2 tsp
Honey- 1 tsp
Water- 1 liter

Do this:
Add the fenugreek seeds to water.
Let the water with fenugreek seeds simmer for half an hour.
Strain the water after 30 minutes.
Put the ginger paste into a sieve and press to extract it’s juice.
Add this ginger juice to the water you just strained.
Add honey to this solution and mix well.
Drink a glass of this fenugreek, ginger, and honey treated water every morning.

2. Gooseberry Remedy for Asthma
The Indian gooseberry or amla is one of the best sources of vitamin C. This vitamin is a fine antioxidant which can fight off the free radicals produced within the lungs when you get asthma attack. It also contains vitamin A which can cure respiratory tract infections- your asthma is one of these infections! Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of gooseberry soothes your tensed air passage giving you relief from asthma. Get this:

Indian gooseberry powder- 1 tsp (if you can’t get the powder, use 1 gooseberry)
Honey- 1 tsp

Do this:
If using whole gooseberry, de-seed and crush it to get its paste.
Mix the honey with this paste or the gooseberry powder that you have got.
Have this every morning so that you don’t get asthma attack during the day.


3. Honey Remedies for Asthma
With its many amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, honey is one of the most popular ingredients used traditionally for asthma relief. When you get asthma attack, your airways get inflamed and constricted making it difficult for you to breathe. Honey can effectively soothe the mucous membranes of your airways, giving you relief from cough related to asthma. Honey is specially recommended for children who struggle with night-time coughing. Here are some methods to use honey for relief from symptoms of asthma.

Ways to use honey for asthma

Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with ½ tsp of cinnamon powder and have this once everyday.
Mix 1 tsp of honey with a glass of water and have it every morning.
Add 1 tsp of honey with ½ tsp of thyme powder and have it 2-3 times a day.
Take 1 tsp honey, ¼ cup of onion juice, and 1/8 tsp of black pepper. Have this mixture for instant relief from breathlessness and chest congestion due to asthma cough.
Mix 1 tbsp honey with ½ tsp of dried sunflower seeds powder. Have this twice a day.
Fill a bowl with honey. Hold this bowl beneath your nose and inhale. This will bring relief when you feel breathless.
Mix 1 tsp of honey with 1 cup of warm water. Have this every night before going to sleep.

4. Drumstick Leaves Soup for Asthma Cure
Various parts of Drumstick tree, also called Moringa tree, are used for treatment of different types of ailments. For asthma, the leaves of the drumstick trees are used to prepare a soup. Many studies have shown that Moringa plant alkaloid is similar to ephedrine (decongestant) and is effective in the treatment of asthma as this alkaloid relaxes bronchioles. Make a soup with drumstick leaves and have it once everyday to cure your asthma. Get this:

Drumstick leaves- handful of them
Water- ¾ cup (180 ml)
Salt (optional)- to taste (lesser is good though)
Pepper (optional)- to taste
Lime juice (optional)- ½ to 1 tsp

Do this:
Add the drumstick leaves to water and boil this for 5 minutes.
Let it cool for sometime
If you want, you can mix salt, pepper, and/or limejuice to give some taste to the soup.
Have this soup once daily.

Drumstick Leaves Soup for Asthma Curehildastouchofspice

5. Bitter Gourd Root for Asthma
This is one of the ancient Ayurvedic remedies for asthma but a modern research by University of Massachusetts Medical School too has found that certain bitter flavors can actually treat asthma fast and effectively. This research states that bitter flavors can reverse the contraction of airway cells. This process of reversal is known as bronchodilation and it can treat airway obstructive diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. So, why wait! Just get some bitter gourd root and cure your asthma the established way! Get this:

Bitter gourd root- enough to get 1 tsp of its paste
Honey- 1 tsp or Holy basil leaves juice (tulsi juice)- 1 tsp

Do this:
Grind the bitter gourd root to get its paste.
Take one tsp of bitter gourd root paste and add honey to it.
If you are using basil juice, you will need to crush the basil leaves to get 1 tsp of its juice.
Have this bitter gourd root paste mixed either with honey or with basil leaves juice every night before going to bed.

Bitter Gourd Root for Asthmaecellulitis

You also need to make some diet and lifestyle changes to effectively manage your asthma. Have lesser carbohydrates, fats and proteins and more of fresh fruits, green vegetables, sprouted seeds, and grains. Avoid foods that tend to create phlegm like rice, sugar, lentils, and yogurt as well as fried and tough-to-digest foods like pickles, sauces etc. Limit your consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol etc. and quit smoking. Do regular exercise and try to be in fresh air and sun too for some time during the day. Diet, exercise, natural surroundings combined with home herbal remedies will definitely make you get rid of asthma!

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