5 Home Remedies For Sunstroke

Sunstroke, also known as sinasis, is caused due to exposure to the sun or excessive heat and characterized by rise in temperature, convulsion and coma.

Symptoms of Sunstroke:
Sunstroke occurs when the body”s mechanism to rid itself from heat fails due to very hot environment or strenuous physical activities.

Causes of Sunstroke:
The symptoms of sunstroke are elevated body temperature; hot,dried skin;hyperventilation; mental confusion; and eventual unconsciousness;

Prevention of Sunstroke:

Sunstroke can be prevented by drinking plenty of water and avoiding overtaxing the body in hot weather.

Home Remedies For Sunstroke:

Natural Remedy for Sunstroke with Onion:
Lay the patient down straight on the back and apply onion paste on the forehead.

Herbal Remedy for Sunstroke with Fenugreek(methi):
Take some dried fenugreek leaves. Soak them in cold water for sometime. Then crush the leaves with hand. Sieve and add little honey. This liquid should be given after every two hours to the patient.

Cure Sunstroke with Tamarind seeds:
Tamarind seeds are valuable in treating sunstroke. Grind some seeds by adding water. Sieve it and mix little sugar. Drinking it helps to cure sunstroke.

Prevention of Heatstroke with Unripe Mango(kaccha aam):
mangoTake some unripe mangoes. Boil them and sieve properly. Cool it and add little sugar, black salt, roasted cumin powder, back pepper powder and salt to taste. Drink this tasty panna(the raw mango juice) just before going out in the sun. This would protect you against the attack of sunstroke.

Cure Heatstroke with Wood apple(Bilva):
Similarly the juice of wood apple(bael) also provides a good shield against sunstroke.

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