5 Ideal Workouts for Overweight People

Dealing with all those extra weight especially around the midsection can make exercise routines difficult to pull off. However, doing nothing to beat back sagging muscles can do more harm than good. Just because you weigh more it doesn’t mean that you should let your body image go.

There are plenty of workouts that can help you shed pounds while at the same time help you tone, sculpt, and strengthen your muscles.

5 Workouts to Get You Started


Everyone has to start somewhere and for those who are overweight this low to medium impact workout is a good place to begin your journey to losing weight. What’s great about this workout is that you don’t need to buy anything except a good pair of shoes. Start with a 10 to 15 minute walk then increase the length gradually as soon as you’re feeling comfortable.

Aqua Aerobics

If walking is too much for your current weight and you’re feeling sore after a few minutes of walking, go for a workout that won’t put a strain on your joints such as aqua aerobics. Working out in a pool can help you perform various cardiovascular exercises such as jogging without putting too much pressure on your joints. Since water makes you buoyant, you’ll be able to execute different workouts easily.

Strength Training

There are a lot of reasons why you should go for strength training when you’re above your normal weight. For starters, strength training helps correct any issues with your posture specifically since you’re carrying more weight. When you strength train, you’re also improving your joints’ range of motion which is important for you to execute various movements on a regular basis. What’s more, when you train to improve your strength, you’re building up muscle which enables your body’s metabolism to go to overdrive. Hiring a personal trainer can help you do appropriate strength training exercises depending on your needs.

Exercise Ball

If you’re not really keen on the idea of working out in a gym, use an exercise ball at home. Exercise balls are perfect for executing sit-ups, abdominal crunches, as well as resistance training. This simple equipment can actually help you perform various abdominal crunches that you can’t do with gym equipment. Look for an exercise ball that is resistant to bursting such as those that can support weights up to 2,250 lbs.

Group Exercises

Working out on your own can be tough not to mention boring since you don’t have the support of other people in your quest to lose weight. So why not join group classes of like minded people in your area? There are plenty of fitness studios that offer group exercise classes so you might want to check them out to determine if they are offering a workout regimen that works with your goal. If this is your first time to workout in a group, it would be better to attend one class to see if the workout program is what you’re looking for.

There is no better time to workout than today. If you’re concerned with your weight, the workouts mentioned here can help contribute to your fat burning goal without pushing you too hard at a fast rate.

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