5 Low Calorie Desserts for Dieters

Weight watchers and fitness buffs will do anything in their powers to lose weight fast even if it means going on an extreme diet and cutting their ties with their favorite desserts. Although it can help them become slimmer sometimes their sweet tooth gets the best of them where they end up bingeing on their favorite sweets. This can have adverse effects on your diet and your health so why not give in to your sweet craving with these low calorie desserts that taste amazing without adding to your weight?

Greek Yogurt with Oranges and Mint

You will need 1 ½ tsp honey, 6 tbsp of Greek fat-free yogurt, 4 mint leaves, fresh and sliced thinly, and 1 large orange that is peeled, quartered, and sliced in a crosswise manner. Stir honey into the yogurt before spooning the yogurt and honey mixture over the orange slices. Add mint leaves on top.

Banana Pudding Pops

Cool down with this dessert where you will need 2 tbsp cornstarch, 2 cups of low-fat milk, 2 cups diced bananas, 2 tsp vanilla extract, 1/3 to ½ cup of light brown sugar, and a pinch of salt. In a large saucepan whisk together sugar, salt, and cornstarch. Pour milk and whisk to blend. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium flame as you whisk from time to time. Boil the mixture and whisk for 1 minute. Remove from the flames then stir the vanilla in. In a blender or food processor add the bananas and half of the pudding. Process the ingredients until smooth. Stir the mixture into the left over pudding then divide among the pop molds. Insert sticks and freeze for six hours. Dip the molds in hot water briefly before you remove the mold.

Honeydew-kiwifruit Smoothie

You will need 1 small Granny Smith apple, cored, peeled, and cut up, 2-3 tbsp lemon juice, kiwi or honeydew slices, 1 cup of ice cubes, 2 cups of cubed honeydew, 1 kiwi peeled and cut, 1 tbsp lemon juice. Blend apple, honeydew, sugar, kiwifruit, and lemon juice in a blender. Add the ice cubes then blend until the ice cubes are totally crushed and your fruits are slushy. Add kiwifruit or honeydew slices to garnish.

Black Forest Banana Split

This low calorie dessert requires 2 cups ricotta cheese, non fat, 16 walnut halves, 2 tsps cherry flavored syrup, 1 tsp of cocoa powder, unsweetened, and 2 bananas cut lengthwise. Simply spoon the ricotta into your dessert dish then place half of the banana on each side of the ricotta cheese. Place the walnut halves on top then add a dusting of cocoa powder. Drizzle the cherry syrup on top.

Source: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/banana_pudding_pops.html

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