5 Reasons Why You Should Include Beets In Your diet!

Healthy Beets

Reasons why you should include beets in your diet

Beets contain polyphenols and betalains which reverse the effect of free radical damage and oxidative stress in people.

Beets contain various vitamins: B complex vitamins, PP which strengthen capillary walls.

Beets contain a lot of minerals – potassium and folate, which aid in healthy heart; magnesium, which aids in bone health; iron and phosphorus which produce energy; copper, which destroys free radicals; iodine which is involved in the biosynthesis of thyroid hormones, and magnesium.

Beets contain cobalt which promotes the formation of vitamin B12 (which is synthesized by intestinal microflora. Without this vitamin and folic acid the formation of red blood cells would be impossible.

Beets rejuvenate our bodies due to folic acid, which contributes to the creation of new cells.

Source: naturalmedicinebox

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