5 Sandbag Moves that Will Get You Ripped

You don’t really need to go to the gym just to gain access to various exercise machines or even invest in expensive equipment to stay fit and healthy. As a matter of fact, with just a simple piece of equipment like the sandbag, you can get a ripped body that will be the envy of others.

Sandbag training works out several muscles at the same time due to the shifting sands contained in the bag. Since you need to stabilize the sandbag, you will be engaging multiple muscle groups which can help strengthen them. Altering the way you hold, lift, and move the sandbag allows you to work out your muscles in several ways.

5 Sandbag Moves You Should Do

Sandbag Get-Up

This exercise targets the hips and abdominals. To begin this workout, lie down on the ground with the sandbag placed on one shoulder. Roll towards the opposite shoulder while pushing your hand to the ground. Slowly push yourself to a lunge position with your chest tall. Again, push yourself up slowly until you are in a standing position. Slowly return to your first position on the ground without looking down.

Shoulder Squat

This sandbag workout combines the advantages of side planks and squats in one. This challenges the core as well as your legs. Lift the sandbag from the ground to your shoulder in an explosive manner. Make sure that your feet are parallel to one another and are slightly turned out. Go down into a squat with your knees pushing forward without going beyond your toes while keeping your back straight. See to it that you maintain your balance and that you don’t lean towards the heavier shoulder. Go back to a standing position slowly. Do the same with the other shoulder.

Sandbag Rotational Lunge

In this exercise, your thighs, hips, and obliques will be targeted. Start this exercise by positioning the sandbag in front of you. Do a backward lunge while twisting your upper body to one side along with the sandbag. Push yourself up through your front heel while swinging the sandbag in front of you. Do the same step with the opposite side.

Clean and Press

This is one of the best sandbag exercises that will actually work out your entire body because it requires explosiveness, stability, accuracy, and strength on your part. Start by holding onto the neutral grip of the sandbag against your shins. See to it that your arms are not touching your legs to ensure that you’re hinging and not squatting in this workout. Do an explosive jump to hold the sandbag in your fists then lock the knees and drive your heels to the ground as you push the sandbag overhead. Reverse your steps to go back to your first position.

Sandbag Bent Over Row

To work your upper back, shoulders, lower back, and biceps, this sandbag workout is for you. Hold the bag while you are standing straight. Bend forward at your hips while extending your butt back with your knees slightly bent. Pull the sandbag towards your chest while keeping your chest pushed outwards and a strong arch on your lower back.

Source: livestrong

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