5 Simple Ways to Detox

Have you gotten mired in a bad eating rut? Are you feeling tired and sluggish? It might be time to put a body detox on the to-do list. Here are 10 simple ways to detox, without wacky fad diets or pricey spa treatments.

Body detoxification is about eliminating everyday substances that have a negative effect on your body. Some toxins are related to food, like refined sugar, pesticides, or chemical additives. Other negative substances come from the environment, for example, pollution, cleaning chemicals, and even second-hand cigarette smoke.

These ways to detox help flush harmful substances from your system. What’s more, they give a boost to organs that naturally work to detoxify the body, organs that include the kidneys, colon, and liver.

1. Cleanse your system.

Flush The Fat Away Vegetable Soup

One of the ways to detox the body is by using a short-term cleanse. These meal plans support the body with the nutrients it needs to detox naturally. Additionally, the foods are minimally processed or whole, eliminating caffeine, refined sugar, and other less-than-ideal ingredients.

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