5 Step Thyroid Healing Plan Reverses Inflammation!

While there are many foods that can both positively and negatively affect your thyroid health, there is an ancient Tibetan practice that you can do from almost anywhere to improve the health of your thyroid gland. This 5 step process can help get the thyroid back to a healthy state and regulate the thyroid hormone levels.

This process is based on bring the energy or Qi of your thyroid back in balance. Opening the energy flow through the thyroid gland can balance both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid conditions since this flow governs homeostasis (balance). However, it takes constant practice to maintain this equilibrium.

Thyroid Healing Plan Reverses Inflammation!

Step 1: Rub your palms together to start heating them up, then apply your hands to the spot where your thyroid is located and hold it there for 10 minutes.

Step 2: Swallow the saliva that is in your mouth and take a sip of water three times in a row.

Step 3: Exhale, and while exhaling tilt your head and place your chin as firmly as you can on your chest, holding it there for a few seconds without inhaling. When you begin to inhale, take a deep breath and raise your head and tighten your neck muscles as much as possible. Put your lower lip over the upper lip, and follow through the lip when raising your head. Hold your head at the top position for a few seconds, then exhale lowering your chin to your chest.

Step 4: With your head on your chest, slowly tilt your head to the left and then to the right, without lifting your chin from your chest. This creates an excellent massage for your thyroid gland.

Step 5: Lift your head while inhaling and repeat this process from step 3, 10 times.

It is crucial to keep in mind to take care of your thyroid because of how much your thyroid takes care of you.

Source: naturalmedicinehouse

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