5 Things That Is Slowly Killing Your Face

This is a list of 5 things you should avoid and keep away from your face.

5 Things That Is Slowly Killing Your Face

Body lotion

By reading its name, you can see that this lotion is not for your face, but for your body only. Research shows that the skin of your face is different than the skin of your body, which is much thicker. In this way, the skin needs to be moisturized by the bigger percentage of fragrances included in the body lotion.

You should treat your face with a face lotion, even though not every body lotion can cause damage.


We mentioned above that the facial skin is different than the skin of the body, it’s less resilient. Using sugar can roughly damage your face skin, as its used for scrubbing legs or other parts of the body, but not the face. Even though many face lotions contain sugar, is the best not to use it on your face.


Lemon is full of acids, which can erupt your skin and disrupt pH balance. By putting lemon on your face and exposing it to the sun, your skin may get irritated and burnt.


Hairspray is used on hair, but in contact with your facial skin, it could damage it by drying it and clogging the pores which could result in an irritated skin, full of blemishes. Even though many DIY products claim that hairspray can be used for treating the skin by drying acne, they all are efficient in one thing: damaging your skin.


Drying acne with toothpaste is an old remedy used long time before. You can use it to dry zits too, but you can get your skin irritated. Chemical burns, scars or other damages can follow. If you want to protect your skin, the best solution to use is tea tree oil. It won’t harm your skin in any case.

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