5 tips to lose weight after pregnancy

Exercise is a must

New moms find it very difficult to take out some time for exercise. This is because they are sleep-deprived and the baby occupies most of their time. However, it is important for them to take walks and move around in order to lose weight.

The power of breastfeeding

Study suggests that new moms who breastfeed their children have the ability to lose weight faster than those who don’t. However, this observation depends upon a lot of variables, one of them being the calorie-intake by new moms.

Eat more, weight less

It is very important for new moms to eat meals at regular intervals accompanied by healthy snacks options. Skipping a meal might affect their overall health, and might also slow down their process of losing weight.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water helps you stay hydrated and also flush out unnecessary fats. Keep yourself away from aerated drinks, soda and extra sugary liquids. Increase the amount of fruit and vegetable juices that not only help you lose weight faster, but also provide you with other health benefits.

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