5 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer Everyone Should Know

Per year, more than 550 women lose the battle with cancer. Among the most frequent reasons behind cancer are genetic predisposition, age, and excessive use of oral contraception. In 80% of the cases, due to neglecting most of the symptoms, the cancer is diagnosed in the advanced phase.

5 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer Everyone Should Know

Therefore, do not neglect these 10 symptoms:
Constant back pain – If you are certain that you do not suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis, these constant back pains may be a serious symptom of ovarian cancer.
Pain in the stomach and pelvis
Irregular menstrual cycle – Statistically, women older than 55 are at a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. However, this is not always the case since cancer can appear in younger girls who have not yet had their period.
Frequent fatigue without any particular reason – Lack of breath, nausea, loss of appetite and extreme fatigue may be serious indicators that the patient is in some of the ovarian cancer stadium. Over 80% percent of women experience at least one of the ovarian cancer symptoms, few months before it is diagnosed.
Quicker satiety – ‘Early satiety’ is one of the four most significant and frequent symptoms of ovarian cancer. Do not assign this symptom to digestion problems, but consult a professional!

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