5 Easy Ways To Reduce Belly Fat

You have to agree with us that, when it comes to belly size every inch matters and there are few simple habits that you need to get rid off in order to reduce the size of your belly instantly.

The excess air trapped in your digestive tract might be causing it. It may be from too much drinking, or that favorite beef steak your grandma keeps on preparing. It doesn’t matter what the cause is, reducing the size of your belly or at least loosing the feeling of being bloated constantly will give you a lot of benefits.

How To Reduce Belly Fat‎

If just a small food allergy is part of your excuse

You must not take food allergies lightly. And if you think it cannot happen to you or that you are immune to it, then think twice. Some sensitivities and allergies are closely connected with the belly expansion. People who are allergic to wheat usually cannot digest gluten and will often experience digestive issues, including belly expansion and bloating. The same thing goes for the lactose intolerant people. These can also result in a lot of difficulties.

The solution? Visit your doctor and ask for a test on food sensitivities and allergies. Once you know your allergy avoid it at all cost.

You love packaged foods

Sodium when taken excessively is bad for your belly and your health. Packaged foods are full of it. It’s one of the main ingredients of processed convenience foods and preservatives. This also includes your favorite chips. Foods disguised as healthy options like soups, salad dressings and cereals can also contain large amounts of sodium.

The author of Blood Pressure Down, a Philadelphia – area nutritionist Janet Brill, PhD, RD, wants you to know that “it’s a good bet that pretty much any product that comes wrapped in a package contains more sodium than you’d think, and you might not even taste the salt.”

The solution? Go natural which means to cut back on processed stuff. Veggies, fresh fruits and grains are naturally low on sodium or sodium – free.

Eating too fast

Everyone is busy, and have to go and things to do, so we sometimes do regular activities as quickly as we can, carrying less about the side effect of that rush. However there are many things that must be done always in moderation, one of those things is eating.

If you eat too fast, you swallow gas – producing air which increases the size of your belly. This is no myth. The trapped air inside makes you feel bloated. It might also cause your digestive system to digest your food slowly. New York City nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg, RD, of Middleberg Nutrition explained the reason that is hiding behind this: You don’t chew thoroughly, when you eat in a rush, and that leads to creating larger pieces of food sitting in your gut, waiting to be fully digested. It also causes you to lose count of the amount you’ve consumed and in the long run you have ingested more than you should.

The solution? Always take your time and eat slowly.

Soda addiction

It is refreshing, sweet, and it completes your life. According to Middleberg, those tiny bubbles that give bubbly sensation can cause your stomach to swell. And if you think that because it has artificial sweeteners, diet soda can have a different effect, you’re wrong. Diet sodas are even worse. Artificial sweeteners cannot be digested so they make your stomach swell and swell, big time.

The solution? If you can’t stop it, cut down on soda intake. Or at first mix ice cubes in the soda and wait for a few minutes before you drink it.

Eating close to bedtime

Do you choose the foods that you eat for dinner? What time do you eat your dinner? If you’re like most of the people, then you eat your dinner an hour or two before going to sleep. If that is your case, then you will wake up with an even bigger belly. It is not recommended to lie down immediately after diner, so unless you sleep standing you should stop hitting the sack after you eat.

The spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Alissa Rumsey, RD, said that laying down stops the ability of your body to break down the food fast. If you think about it, it really makes sense because sleeping takes less energy than activities you do when you are awake.

The solution? Always eat at least 3 to 4 hours before you go to sleep, or if you have no choice but to sleep right after that “dinner” only a piece of fruit or yogurt. Remember to eat a bigger meal in the morning.

Source: healthyfoodteam

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