6 Easy and Amazing Steps to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Undoubtedly nights bring us parties that are great like to set a date, binge-watching Netflix, gossiping on the cellphone or just doing some work. You can do whatever you wish for. But there’s another thing for which the nights can play a beneficial role in, it can help you to lose weight.

All you have to do is to follow the below mentioned steps and you can achieve your dream weight.

6 Easy and Amazing Steps to Lose Weight While You Sleep

6 Easy and Amazing Steps to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Consume Low-sodium dinner

The great R & D author Kery Gans, have said that “if you wish to wake up feeling less expanding in the morning then you must skip the Chinese dinner”. She mentioned it in her book “The small change diet”. This is because when the salt exists in your stomach over-night then you wake up sensing high bloating and swollen as compared to the normal one. The wise decision is to consume steamed vegetables and leaned proteins in your dinner. Be sure that you don’t use salt in both of them.

Exercise in the Night time

When you do an exercise or practice workout, it actually lets the sweat out of your body which ultimately helps you in losing excessive fats. But a thought might arise in your mind that working out just before bed time will keep you up all night. However this isn’t the scenario as in 2013 survey.the National sleep foundation have declared that 56-67% active people exercise in the night time and believed to have a good night’s sleep as compared to the normal one. Hence it doesn’t matter at what time or day you are exercising, just keep up the good work-out schedule to stay fit.

Parcel your lunch

As per the study conducted in 2013, there are more calories in a restaurant’s meal as compared to the ones which you cook at home. Yet it’s not only about the calories, it’s a necessity that you take every meal on time with a right amount of nutrients f you are willing to drop your weight. But you might think that there’s a lot of rush in the morning so it’s impossible to cook lunch in the morning. But don’t worry all you have to do is to cook the mid-day meal a night before to save your time and there you go.

Consume Sufficient Water

Water is supposed to flush our system and helps us excrete out any water which we are retaining. But another thing is you must not drink lots of water before bedtime as it will make you keep running to the loo all night long. Gans recommends to take a halt of water just an hour before sleep.

Be Certain of Having a Super Dark Bedroom

As per the animal study carried out and published last year in the Journal of Pineal Research, the hormone named melatonin assists the body in generating calorie-burning brown fat. Hence it is suggested by the experts that the one who is willing to lose weight must ensure the darkness in the room as melatonin is released within the body when there’s no light.

Make sure to turn off thermostat before falling asleep

The National Institute of Health Clinical Center has conducted a research which shows that people who sleep 66 degree room are more likely to lose weight during sleep time. While the people who slept at 75 degree have lost 7% less weight as compared to the 66 degree ones. Hence try these super techniques and see if it works for you.

Source: Healthy Food Palace

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