6 Foods You Absolutely Need To Avoid If You Suffer From a Thyroid Disorder

Have you ever thought that your weight and health issues may actually be a sign of any thyroid disorder?


If you are already worried about your thyroid health or if you already go through a specific thyroid condition, make sure you cut the following 6 foods off your diet:

1. Sugar

Most experts agree that sugar should be avoided at any cost. It is not only sugar itself, but also products with added sugar. Believe it or not, if you cut off cheap processed foods with sugar, strawberries will be the sweetest thing you will ever eat.

Those who deal with an autoimmune thyroid disease have to be more careful about their blood sugar. Too much sugar shall affect your pancreas, and thus cause an insulin resistance. Eventually, this may damage your thyroid and boost your hormone level.

Conclusion – stay away from sugary foods to protect your thyroid function.

2. Fried foods

Trans fats affect your thyroid hormone substitution tablets. These also reduce the natural production of thyroid hormone, and this is not something you need.

Fried foods are the most commonly consumed trans fats. Although this may be your favorite food, but French fries is the last thing you should eat, especially if you are on thyroid pills. Health experts strongly recommend that those who take hormone pills for their thyroid gland should cut off fried goodies.

3. Soy

Soy is something you should eat in moderation. If you are treating your hypothyroidism with synthetic thyroid hormones, stay away from soy, as it affects your body’s ability to absorb the medications you take.

If you decide to consume soy despite your therapy, make sure you eat it at least four hours after you take your regular medications. In this way you allow your body to process ingredients individually.

The same applies to some nutritional supplements like calcium and magnesium pills or antacids that are loaded with calcium and aluminum hydroxide.

Iodine deficiency is another condition that requires avoiding soy and soy products, because they affect the function of your thyroid.

4. Cruciferous vegetables

Cabbage, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are some of the healthiest vegetables. These take place in almost every healthy diet regimen, but they are sure not recommended to those who are dealing with thyroid disorder. When treating their condition, these individuals should eat other veggies instead.

If you like eating cabbage and broccoli every other day or if you suffer from iodine deficiency, consider introducing some changes that will save your thyroid. However, if you manage to satisfy your daily requirement of healthy nutrients and eat plenty of veggies and fruits, you can have some broccoli once in a while.

5. Coffee

Unfortunately, a hot cup of coffee is not the healthiest morning ritual for some people, including those who deal with a thyroid disorder. These people should most certainly limit their cups of coffee.

Excessive consumption of coffee may affect the function of your adrenal glands. Improper adrenal function means that you are likely to experience severe thyroid issues and adrenal fatigue.

Coffee stimulates your adrenal glands to discharge epinephrine and norepinephrine. Be careful about your coffee, especially if you have been drinking tons of coffee since young age. In this way you will eliminate any possibility that coffee affects your thyroid gland.

6. Gluten

If you are treating any thyroid malfunction, gluten is something your body does not need. Gliadin, a protein contained in gluten, is totally unfamiliar to the human organism. It is pretty similar to the transglutaminaze enzyme in your thyroid.

Every time you take gluten, your immunity tends responds in such a way that it starts fighting gliadin and the thyroid enzyme at the same time. Here is a terrifying fact. Gluten affects your thyroid for up to six months after you have consumed it. If you are dealing with an autoimmune thyroid disease, do regular testings to determine whether you are intolerant to gluten or even worse, if you have a Celiac disease.

Taking care of your thyroid gland means that you take care of your overall health. Some of the foods we mentioned in this article are generally considered to be unhealthy, and you should avoid them regardless of whether you have a thyroid issue. Fried goods, for instance. Others, like cruciferous vegetables are super healthy and great for your body.

Take proper care of your thyroid gland. In that way you will get all the nutrients your body needs, which means your system will be safe from all the food that affects your health in general. Maintain your health at optimal level and pay special attention to your well-being.

Source: healthylifevision

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