6 Workout Ideas for Outdoors

As the weather becomes warmer and daylights growing longer, the idea of working out in a gym isn’t all that appealing anymore. And since summer is just around the corner and you’re still trying to achieve that toned physique, you can do so by working out outside your home.

Walking is a good way to start and end your day as it helps burn calories to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. So is running though this workout will definitely burn more as you push your body to run for miles. However, if you’re tired of doing these two, there are other workout ideas for outdoors that are worth trying.

SUP or Stand-Up Paddleboard

This exercise is a great way to tone your body without you feeling like you’re doing the same old routine. Although stand-up paddleboard is fun, it is definitely not easy because you will be standing on a too large long board while using a paddle to navigate the waters. You will need strong core muscles to keep your balance while at the same time move your arms to paddle.


Perfect for outdoor workout, swimming can do more than just cool your body down as temperatures start to rise. As a matter of fact, swimming can help tone your legs and arms and it is actually easy on your joints. When you swim, you are increasing your stamina which in turn can help fight stress, high blood pressure, and even diabetes.

Court HIIT

If you live near a volleyball or basketball court do these three drills to boost your fat burning abilities. Start by doing sprints from one end to the other by running forward then jogging back. Do this 5 times. You should also do 30 lateral hops where you jump over and back throughout the full court line. And lastly, do 6 side shuffles in full distance of the basketball or volleyball court then back again.


Getting your body moving outdoors by hiking is not only fun but will also push your body to the limits as you follow the ups and downs of a trail. Although you’re working out your body specifically your legs, you won’t even notice it as you’re surrounded by nature.

Rowing or Sailing. If you are looking for a different kind of pace in your workout, enrolling in a rowing or sailing class is well worth it. For starters, sailing is considered as a full-body workout because it helps build your endurance, coordination, flexibility, and agility while burning up to 200 calories. Rowing, on the other hand, is a low-impact workout that targets your core and legs which will help you burn 800 calories in just an hour.

Trail Running

For those who are passionate about their runs, why not try trail running? Due to the unevenness of the terrain, your body will be working out harder with each step to keep you balanced and ready to take the next step.

These are just outdoor workouts that can help achieve a toned and sculpted physique without having to trudge along to the gym. For sure, you’ll find more reasons to work outdoors with these ideas.

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