7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Potato Juice!!!

French fries, baked potatoes, potato chips, potato salad—there are hundreds of ways to cook and eat your potatoes. But have you tried consuming this vegetable in raw juice form? For a long time, potato juice has been used as a remedy for a wide array of ailments from skin disorders to constipation to inflammation, and even cancer. It’s not a surprise why. This vegetable is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, and iron among others.


Here are 7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Potato Juice –
Arthritis and joint pains –
As mentioned earlier, potato juice is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. Apart from doing wonders for inflammatory skin disorders like angular cheilitis, it can also be used as a remedy for arthritis, gout, back pain and joint pain. For best results, drink it in the morning before eating breakfast.

Cancer –
Although not scientifically proven yet, many attest to the efficacy of potato juice for treatment of cancer. Drinking it everyday is said to help fight cancer cells and inhibit them from damaging other healthy cells.

Kidney disease –
Drink potato juice to prevent calcium stone formation in the urinary tract.


Cholesterol –
Lower cholesterol levels by drinking potato juice daily.

Weight Loss –
This Potato juice can also aid in weight loss. Drink it twice a day—first in the morning on an empty stomach and next, at night about two to three hours before sleeping.

Food poisoning –
For food poisoning, potato juice works wonders when mixed with pure honey or carrot juice.

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Other ailments –
Drink one to two glasses of raw potato juice daily to treat a number of medical problems like liver disease, diabetes, gastric ulcer, hypertension, and pancreatitis.

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So try to use potato juice in your daily routine for your healthy life and please like and share this post with your friends and family!!!

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