7 Essential Oils For Nausea And How They Help

There’s nothing worse than feeling woozy. It’s enough to make anyone crawl into bed! But since it isn’t always possible, essential oils for nausea and headache can be helpful.

These oils work through the power of aromatherapy. You can also make a topical application that can be blended into your skin. This way, you can avoid costly anti-nausea medications and their side effects. Use these seven anti-nausea essential oils instead.

7 Essential Oils For Nausea


Ginger has a long history of being the anti-nausea cure. There’s a reason why ginger ale can make an upset tummy feel better. So it only makes sense that ginger essential oil can treat nausea! This magical oil is also great for soothing diarrhea and stomach aches.1

If you’re an expecting mother, smelling ginger oil may be useful for early pregnancy nausea and vomiting.2

Patients who have just had abdominal surgery can also benefit from ginger essential oil. In this case, both vomiting and nausea are reduced.3

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