7 Exercises in 7 Minutes to Never Feel Lower Back Pain Again

For people who suffer from lower back pain, the best solution is stretching. So make an effort in order to perform the routine on a regular basis and it will provide your relief from the pain in 100% natural and safe way.

You will need to spend 7 minutes to do these 7 stretches and you will not regret this, because they are very helpful in treating lower back pain. Every inch of the back is stretched out and they will calm the pain and discomfort you are feeling.

7 Stretches for Lower Back Pain

  1. Floor Hamstrings

Lie down on the floor, then bend your knees and do not lift the feet of the ground. The lift one of the legs and use both hands to reach behind the hamstring. Remain in this position for half a minute and then do the same with the other leg. When you are doing this, the stretch will be felted even through the back of the leg.

  1. Spinal stretch

Put your shoulders to be in straight line with the ground, then lift one leg and cross it with the other and then move the knee downward to the ground. The other leg needs to be over the knee and stretch it as much as you can for half a minute.

  1. Knees to chest

Lie down on your back, and then lift each knee toward the chest and hold for half a minute. You can also straighten the other knee. Put the hands behind the knee and not over them, so that you do not put too much pressure on the knees. You can feel this stretch in the glutes and the lower back.

  1. Piriformis Stretch

It is very alike the third stretch, but it is performed with crossing the other leg. Your ankle needs to pass the knee. After that lift the knee to the head and remain in this position for half a minute and do the same with the other leg. The stretch will be felted in the crossed leg and also the glutes.

  1. Hip Flexors

First place your hands over the knee and stretch for half a minute. The back needs to be in a straight line. Do the same using the other leg. You will feel this stretch in your legs and hips.

  1. Lying down Quadriceps

First you need to lie down on one side and put your hands on one lag underneath the ankle and then pull in the direction of your butt. Do the same with the other leg. The quads are targeted in this stretch.

  1. Total Back Stretch

In this stretch, you need to take a standing position, grab some object that is high as your waist and then lean forward. Hold this position for half a minute, pause for some time and then do it again. You will feel the stretch in the whole back.

But, you must be very careful when you are stretching and you should visit your doctor before starting this exercise to avoid injuries. You will feel various benefits when you begin this routine.

Source: timefornaturalcare

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