7 Things Men Really Want In A Relationship!?

Have you ever wondered what’s important to a man? What is every man is searching for?

Well wonder no more – Here are the seven things a man really wants in a relationship.

Men are often reluctant to talk about their needs in intimate relationships. Whether social conditioning or an inability to communicate our needs are to blame, are prone to silently suffering when their emotional needs aren’t being met by their partners. Whether you are a man or a woman reading this article, this will give you greater clarity into yourself/partner and what your/their needs are in your intimate relationship.

7 Things Men Really Want In A Relationship!

1. Respect men feel respect as love

Respect is a basic factor in a healthy relationship. You should respect your partner for what he has been doing for you, your relationship, and your family. If he feels like you disapprove of him, his career, or the things that he believes to be integral to who he is as a person, he will have a hard time trusting and loving you.

2. Sex life

Men, more often connect through indicators of sexuality just as much as they do through sex. Often, a man will initiate sex just to make sure that you are still sexually available to him. So, if he reaches across the bed for you, he shows the willingness to embrace him, to kiss him deeply, and to engage him. So, that could be enough to make him feel loved.


In their busy stressful life men want some peace, which they expect from their partner. They want to feel comfortable and relaxed when they are with you, which will help relieve their stress. This is about being in touch with them emotionally, men do have emotions although they may not show it. They get strength from you, so you should be supportive.

4.Games Free Relationship

Most men don’t like being manipulated. They expect their partners to know how to be treat someone with respect. A relationship free of mind games or blaming games lasts longer.

Traditionally, when women (or the feminine associated partner) needed to solve a problem, they would go further into the tribe – connecting with close friends and family and discussing their issues. Conversely, when men have a problem to solve, they would leave the tribe to be alone with their thoughts. Let him breathe. Leave him to his own devices. A man will be that much happier for you to receive him when he returns, knowing that you trust both him and the strength of your bond enough to let him have his space. This will help them trust you, love you, and respect you as well.


Man like frequent reassurance about ourselves, our career paths, our efficacy as partners, our sexual prowess, and our attractiveness (among other things). Tell your man exactly what you find attractive about him. Let him know what physical features of his are your favourites. Tell him how attractive you find it when he says something a certain way, when he accomplishes something, or when he takes you on a date. Your praise won’t make him cocky; it will help him feel loved.

They really love to hear how good they are in bed. Most men don’t require constant appreciation but when something is good why not just say it and improve his day? Keep telling your man about his good looks, gestures, and whatever you like about him.


Lack of communication leads to disappointment in women and irritation in men.Often women feel their men should get their clues or hints to find out what’s missing or bothering them, but men actually need good communication to know these things, and will rarely get your clues.

7.Live your own life

Men want their partners to have their own life and keep their own identity. This does not mean they don’t love you or are not interested in you, they will support you in your activities and plans. You must have a life which is going to surprise your partner every day in a happy manner.

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