7 Weight Loss – Quick Fixes – That Should Be Avoided

Juicing, cleanses, and detoxes
Cleanses and detox diets means drinking nothing but water, or only fresh fruit and vegetable juices, or specific liquid mixtures. However,a large portion of this weight loss is water leading to muscle loss and a slower metabolism. This increases production of NPY, a hormone that drives hunger and belly fat storage.

Crash diets and fad diets
Crash or fad diets like the cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, five-bite diet, baby food diet,have always been popular because they promise fast weight loss if you follow very specific guidelines. Although some of these diets sound amusing, they aren’t a good idea if your goal is sustainable weight loss. They aren’t well balanced, nutritious, or based on science, and very low in proteins and calories.

“Fat-Burner” pills
Taking a pill that helps you burn fat may seem like the perfect solution for taking weight off quickly. However, some of these pills contain questionable ingredients that may end up doing far more harm than good. Some fat burners contain substances (like DNP, usnic acid) that may cause dangerous side effects like liver damage and other health problems.

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