7 Wonderful Home Remedies For Migraine!!!

Headaches not only interfere with the activity, but also cause sufferers experience nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, until stiff neck. The suffering is usually mitigated through medication from a doctor. However, only with attention to diet and make a few changes to your lifestyle, you can reduce the frequency of relapses. Want to know the ‘cure’ (without drug) what can you begin to ‘consumption’ now? Let us refer to together.


1. Avoid Triggers
Migraine, just like any other disease, would not appear out of nowhere with no obvious cause. From now on, let’s look at each pattern of the attacks came. Trigger migraine in general are smoking (because nicotine can narrow blood vessels in the brain), too much in the move or exercise, stress, change in hours / sleep patterns, headaches, neck, until the problem tooth. If the trigger exists between the rows that are part of your lifestyle, it is now time to fix it.

2. Caffeine
Too much caffeine can make blood vessels constrict around the brain to trigger the onset of migraine. Limit your caffeine intake of no more than 300 mg per day, so that migraines do not recur.


3. Be careful with Preservatives
Many sufferers are sensitive to various additives such as MSG, aspartame, tartrazine, sulphites, until the sodium benzoate. Instead, avoid foods that contain ingredients above.

4. Delicious Water
Water not only can relieve thirst, but also can keep a migraine. This relates to the dehydration that often trigger migraines. Keep in mind that most of the networks in the area of ​​the brain consists of water. If water intake is minimal, then the network could shrink, irritation, and wounded.

5. Living Supplement
There are several types of supplements that can boost the production of serotonin. Eat when it can help, just make sure that you consult with your doctor first before.

6. Remember Magnesium
The low intake of magnesium can inhibit the smooth flow of blood to the brain, also lowers blood sugar levels, and both closely related to migraine attacks. Fresh green vegetables, condensed tomato soup, grains, wheat, beans, potatoes, oats, and yeast extract, all listing the food contains magnesium.

7. Yoga
Other pill-free solution is through yoga. Aside from being able to relieve stress and reduce the variety of pain, some positions in yoga can reduce neck and shoulder pain.

Yoga in the naturezenmadman

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