8 Health Benefits of Almonds for Kids

Almond, besides being full of nutritional contents is also a tasty nut and is loved by kids and also by the people of all ages. There are many health benefits associated with the consumption of almond which is available as sweet and bitter almonds.

Sweet almonds are tastier and you can eat it raw or add it to make your salads yummier. Bitter almonds are generally used to make almond oil which when used in food it adds flavour to that food. Almond can also be crushed to get the milk thereby which is a very nutritional beverage and can be given to kids. However, almonds should be consumed in moderation to prevent the ill effects it excessive consumption. For younger kids who cannot chew, almonds can be included in powdered form.

8 Health Benefits of Almonds for Kids

Here are some other health benefits of Almonds discussed, have a look at these.

Healthy Bones

The phosphorous present in almonds helps in maintaining the strength of bones and teeth that is most important during the growth years of kids. It also has the medicinal property to safeguard kids from the problems of osteoporosis later in life.

Greater Immunity

The alkali materials present in almonds help in strengthening of the immunity in kids. It also acts as a great antioxidant that eliminates all the damaging radicals of the body thereby keeping the diseases at bay.

Brain Development

Almond contains Riboflavin and L-Cartinine which are the two essential nutrients responsible for the development of the brain. Almond accelerates and maintains a good nervous system. It also lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

Energy Booster

Manganese, copper and Riboflavin present in Almond helps in the boosting up of energy in kids thereby keeping a normal metabolic rate.

Prevents Constipation

Kids suffering, from the problems of constipation is very common. So if you give two to three almonds to your kids everyday in the morning, it will be enough to regularise the bowel system thus preventing constipation. Almonds are rich in fibre which helps relieve this problem of constipation.

Skin Problems

If your kids have problems related to skin; they have dry skin which looks pale, almonds can be a helpful option for you. Use of almond oil is strongly recommended by doctors for the newborn babies. It brings back the complexion in kids. Nowadays, almond milk is also added to soaps for its beneficial effects on the skin.

Healthy Heart

Protein, potassium and mono unsaturated fats present in almond contribute to a healthy heart. Magnesium present in Almond helps in reducing the risk of heart attack later in life of the kids. Folic acid helps in reducing the homocysteine level which prevents the excess fats to deposit in the wall of the arteries thereby preventing the damage of the arteries.

Helps in Losing Weight

Obesity is a serious issue nowadays in kids. Give unsweetened Almond milk to your kids; it will remain for longer thereby satisfying the appetite of your kids. The mono unsaturated fats present in almond prevents overeating thereby helping in the losing of unnecessary fat.

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