8 Unusual Uses for Old Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are good for more than just tennis. If you have a few leftover, you can repurpose them in all sorts of handy ways.

1. Open bottles with ease

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Just cut a tennis ball along its seam and you’ll get two jar openers. The rubber inside the tennis ball gives it a perfect grip on even the toughest of metal lids.

2. Fluff laundry

Want fluffy towels? A best alternative to fabric softener is to toss a 2-3 tennis balls into the dryer. Tennis balls make a great replacement for dryer sheets with regard to fluffification.

3. Protect Your Floors

You can protect your wooden or delicate floor from scratches by capping chair legs with tennis balls. Simply cut into the top of tennis balls and put it in the bottom of a chair or stool.

4. Keep a Swimming Pool Clean

Easy way to remove oils from the surface of a swimming pool, is to throw in a tennis ball. It will absorb body oils left behind on the surface of the water from the swimmers.

5. Relieve sore Legs

tennis ball uses
Tennis balls work great as massagers for tight muscles in your calf and feet. To loosen up tight calves, place tennis ball under calf. Let the ball sink into the muscle, or roll up and down or side to side a little. Gently hold the toes up or let the ankle relax. Do this for at least 30 seconds. To relieve your aching feet, put a tennis ball on the floor, remove your shoes, and place your foot on top of the tennis ball. Now roll the ball around with your foot.

6. Massage your back

back masssage
Using a tennis ball is a fast and easy way to relieve back pain. Lie down on a floor and place a tennis ball under your muscles where you’re experiencing the pain. Use a moderate amount of force to compress painful spot for 15 to 20 seconds. You can also roll the ball back and forth in gentle movements.

7. stretch out your socks

Don’t throw away your sock just because it has a small hole in the toe or the heel. Place a tennis ball in the toe or heel. It will stretch out the surface of the sock.

8. Sand curvy furniture

Wrap a piece of sandpaper around a tennis ball. It’s easy on your hands and can be used to sand curves on furniture.

Source: IFAI

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