9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mosambi Juice!

9 Health Benefits of Mosambi Juice
Mosambi juice in English is also known as the juice from sweet lime which is one of the top notch examples from the citrus fruit family. It is one of the juices that are quite a favourite one among the people in India. It is during the summer seasons when this fruit is mostly available and used as a juice in most of the homes. It is a perfect one for people from all age starting from children to even old aged. Vitamin C and potassium are two of the main nutrients that are present in the juice and quite beneficial in a lot of cases for the health, hair and skin. Neither is the fruit acidic in nature like lemon and has quite a sweet taste to go with.

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Mosambi Juice Benefits:
1. Helps Digestion:
The fragrance of this fruit helps in stimulating the saliva in the mouth that helps in easy and effective digestion. There are even some flavanoids in mosambi juice that increases the production of bile, stomach acids and digestive juices. Drinking a glass of fresh juice each day will ease up digestion and keep a lot of stomach problems away.

2. Treats Scurvy:
Scurvy is a problem that occurs with the lack of vitamin C in the body. This is characterized by swollen gums, cracks at the lip corners and flu and cold. Mosambi juice is packed with vitamin C and will surely help in treating scurvy in a natural way.

3. Diabetes Benefits:
In the case of diabetes patients, mosambi juice is quite a relief and gives positive outcomes. Mosambi juice with amla juice and honey can be taken in small quantities early in the morning on an empty stomach for this purpose ulfilment.

4. Keeps Away Constipation:
The good acids in the mosambi juice helps in the removal of toxins from the body. This eases the problems of constipation and irregular bowel movements. Taking it with a pinch of salt will improve the results all the more. It won’t really lead to dysenteries because of the levels o potassium in them. The tasty flavour and taste will also keep away nausea and vomiting.


5. Immune System Advantage:
Mosambi juice helps in improving the circulation of blood and thus helps in keeping the heart healthy. This in turn results in a strong and problem free immune system that is resistant to all kinds of diseases and infections.

6. Good for Pregnant Women:
The calcium in mosambi juice makes it perfect for pregnant women. It helps in proper growth of the foetus as well as for the bone strength of the mother to be.

7. Weight Loss Wonders:
The low calories and fats in the mosambi juice are really helpful in aiding weight loss. One can easily take some mosambi juice with honey to improve and fasten the results for shedding those extra calories in the body.

8. Eye Health is Maintained:
The anti bacterial antioxidant properties of mosambi juice is perfect for keeping away infections from the eyes as well as preventing issues of macular degeneration. Washing the eyes with diluted mosambi juice can also treat conjunctivitis easily.

9. Body Odour and Sweat Cure:
A bath made of mosambi juice with water can be used as a soak for the body to prevent excessive sweating as well as the body odour. It is one of the beneficial ideas that a lot of people in not aware about and something that you should definitely try.

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