9 Exercises To Burn Abdominal Fat In 14 Days

Hip Lifts

Lie on the left side of your body and bent your knees. Support your body on the floor with your elbow. Then, lift your arm, pull your left hip and then lower your hip, but be careful not to touch the floor.

Perform 15 repetitions, twice. This exercise can be done also with straight legs, but you can do it this way when on a higher level of mastering the workouts.

Front Plank

Start position is with your knees and forearms on the mat. Then, lift your knees off the mat, squeeze your legs together, squeeze your gluts, and try to get a flat back.

To transfer the weight, sink in the lower back and then raise your hips up in the air. Try to find the best position for you and try to keep in the same body position for at least 30 seconds, but as you master the technique, try to keep the same position longer.

Intermediate level workout:

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