9 Natural Remedies to Reduce Cough

Cough is common health problem during monsoons. Here are few natural health tips to over come from cough.

9 Natural Remedies to Reduce Cough

Mixer of banana fruit and black pepper having it regularly. It gets relief from cough.

Heat the cloves and make it some powder and have it. Cough will reduces easily.

Place wooden fire, drop in that Ajawon and smell that smoke. You will get relief from cough.

Pippali powder added with honey. Having this mixture regularly it reduces cough.

Take Turmeric stem and boil it. Take that piece and make it small pieces. Then take two pieces and keep it in mouth. Chew it well, drink juice only.

Mixture of Tulasi flowers and ginger juice. Make it paste. Shape it like small tablets shape. Those tablets shaped paste have it three times in a day (Morning – 1 tablet, Afternoon – 1 tablet, Night – 1 tablet)

Mixture of honey, black pepper powder, Tulasi leaves juice make it paste and have it regularly to reduce cough in effective way.

In black Tulasi leaves add some honey and give it to childrens to get relief from cough.

Have the mixture of ginger juice and honey regularly. It works effectively to cure cough.

Source: healthtipsworld

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