9 Surprising Tricks to Lose Belly Fat & Inches

The best thing you can do for weight loss is to eat healthier and move more. However, despite our best efforts, weight loss can reach a frustrating plateau. If you feel like you need to try something new, check out these 9 tricks to lose fat and inches. They can help you identify reasons why your body holds on to extra pounds, such as stress or cravings. Burn calories the healthy way!

1. Build muscle.
Many women don’t lift weights because they are afraid of looking bulky. They think muscles will make them look wide and manly, instead of thin and lean. However, building muscle mass actually helps you lose weight. Your body spends more calories maintaining muscle than maintaining fat. This means that when you build muscle, you raise your resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn while at rest). Including weight lifting in your workout plan can help you lose fat and inches. And don’t worry about looking bulky! Unless you follow an intense bodybuilding plan, your body will stay lean and trim. Try one of these Beginning Workouts!

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