A Fat Distribution Disorder in women

What are the symptoms of lipedema?

The symptoms vary from individual to individual:

  • It can present as disproportionate columnar legs
  • Often it can be painful and hypersensitivity to touch is seen
  • Presence of fat pads above the arms, knee or thighs is common
  • Mobility impairment can arise
  • Loss of skin elasticity is seen

How is lipedema diagnosed?

Your doctor will perform a physical exam to diagnose lipedema and determine the cause. Often, it can be mistaken for obesity or lymphoedema. The fluid build-up in the body can lead to lymphoedema, which has similar symptoms except for the fact that instead of fat, fluid accumulation occurs.

How is lipedema treated?

The treatment options include non-surgical approaches and liposuction. The non-surgical approaches include:

  • Massage: It encourages fluid flow in the body.
  • Compression therapy: Uses tight garments and bandages.
  • Exercise: Swimming and other low-impact exercises are recommended.

Liposuction: The area is numbed, and the excess fat drained via a tube.

Next Steps

If you notice any unusual distribution of fat in your body, consult your doctor.

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