Amazing Story – A Man Uses Baking Soda to Beat Stage 4 Cancer

This is a real life story. It’s a remarkable story about a man who successfully “destroyed” stage IV cancer with just using one simple ingredient – baking soda. His name is Vernon Johnston, and he has been fighting with stage IV prostate cancer. We all know the conventional treatments of the modern medicine and how they treat cancer patients. Vernon’s standard treatment was the conventional chemotherapy sessions, and his last hope was that the chemo drugs will destroy only cancer cells and that it won’t kill the healthy cells which have remained.

beat cancer with baking soda

Well, we all know that the conventional chemotherapy treatment is an aggressive anti-cancer method. Chemotherapy treatment often leaves the patients drained of energy, drained of resources and with weakened immune system, for which we can say that is almost next to nothing. He’s cancer was at in advanced stage (IV) and even the conventional chemotherapy sessions won’t guarantee that he can be cured. So, he had no other options and he started to fight the disease on his own way. Vernon took his brother’s advice and he decided to raise his body’s pH levels, which was supposed to prevent the spread of cancer in his body. In order to do that, Vernon needed cesium chloride.

Well, this type of therapy was another, different, cancer treatment and some doctors recommend this treatment to their cancer patients. Well, compared to the conventional chemotherapy, cesium therapy should provide better results. So, being aware of this, he started to use cesium alternative ways to raise his body’s pH levels.

After doing some research, Vernon came across to baking soda

Yes, you got that right. We are talking about the old-fashioned and famous household – baking soda. He mixed baking soda with some maple syrup and started to use this homemade treatment on daily basis. Well, I may seem weird and unlikely to fight cancer with baking soda and other common household ingredients, but he’s anti-cancer fighting progress is documented on his blog and it’s available for everyone to see.

BAKING SODA – how can it help you fight against cancer?

You may know this, but let me say it one more time – cancer cells survive and grow in acidic environment. Many experts have confirmed that if you are alkalizing the tumor environment, then you can starve the cancer cells and inhibit their growth. So, getting the sodium bicarbonate closer to the tumor cells by intravenous injection is superior to oral administration. But, on the other hand we can also say that oral medications are more available, way cheaper and safer than injections.

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