A Meditation Teacher – 4 Tips For Calming Down And Refocusing In Just 30 Seconds


Stress is the unwanted companion with a stick, tailgating every person and stabbing the sharp point wherever he can reach. Even if we find a way to get rid of his presence, he always finds a way to creep back up. He sticks his nose in every bit of your life, home, work, relationships, everyday living.

Troubles of Stress

We suffer from insomnia, depression, headaches, gastronomical disorders. Anxiety also causes accelerated aging and heart issues. (1) For me, stress antagonizes my gut and my racing hearts prevents me from falling asleep. I do what I can to relax. I practice yoga, meditate, play calming music, or sip tea while listening to the birds or the rain. These tactics work, except for one major problem: I don’t have time!

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