A Meditation Teacher – 4 Tips For Calming Down And Refocusing In Just 30 Seconds

Deadlines, commitments, obligations all have their way of stalking my relaxing time. In the juggling of life, the first ball to drop is relaxation. After all, it’s impossible to feel zen when work is piling over your head, the house is a mess, and your significant other is upset you haven’t spent quality time together for so long. So I skip yoga, toss and turn all night, drink an extra large coffee the next day, and the cycle repeats itself.

The is an Another Way
There is age-old advice passed down through Tibetian masters: “Small moments, many times.” Read the quote again. Now internalize it. This is the key to achieving stress-free lives.

Here is a technique that puts this quote into practice. Culadasa is a meditation instructor in Arizona and he has developed these four tips his students find extremely helpful when they return to urban life to continue to channel the zen they have learned from their master. Reduce anxiety and regain a calm mind, under 30 seconds.

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