A Miracle Herb: This Woman Was 72 Kg on Monday, and Went Down to 67 Kg by Saturday

Almost everyone uses parsley for improving the taste of the meals; however, this herb is beneficial for a lot more things than just for this.

Let’s start by the fact that parsley is a very potent diuretic that efficiently treats urinary tract infections and other health problems linked to kidneys.

It is also beneficial as it prevents water retention in the body.
Parsley tea
Here is a recipe of parsley tea, a beverage widely popular across the Balkans. This incredible recipe will not only improve the function of your urinary tract, but it will also help you eliminate the excess water from your body.

This recipe is very simple and easy to prepare.


– Five chopped parsley stalks
– One liter of water

How to prepare:

1. First, add the chopped parsley into a liter of boiling water.
2. Then, remove the pot from heat and let it aside for about twenty minutes so that the water blends well with the parsley and its healing properties.
3. Finally, strain the tea and it is ready for consumption.

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