How-to-find-cure-for-me1.Chronic Cough, Wheezing ,Chest Pain,  Or Shortness Of Breath.

Symptoms which are similar to bronchitis or a bad cough can also be caused by lung cancer or leukemia.

2.Breast Changes.

Most of the breast changes don’t imply cancer. However, you should be concerned if you have inverted nipple or redness on the breast with discharge from the nipple.

3. Lumps On The Neck or Swollen Lymph Nodes.

You may suffer from fungal infection or something graver than this if you have lumps on your neck and have difficulty in swallowing liquids.

4. Abdominal Pain and Bloating.

If your bloating doesn’t disappear in a week or two, you need to consult a doctor since you might have kidney or ovarian cancer.

5.Skin Changes.

If you have a mole or something similar on your skin and it changes its shape and color, consult your doctor.


Tiredness is normal but if it doesn’t disappear easily that is not a good sign.

7. Mouth Changes.

In case you are a smoker, look for white spots on your lips or in your mouth as they might be signs of oral cancer.

8.Sudden  Heavy Bleeding Throughout Period.

This is reported to be the primary indicator of endometrial or uterine cancer.

9. Nails Changes.

Sudden changes in your nails can indicate various cancers.

10.Weight Loss.

If you are starting to lose weight out of a sudden and haven’t changed your diet or your schedule, consult a doctor.

Source: emaggy

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