A Very Healthy Drink – 5 Benefits Of Potato Juice


You can read below what can be successfully cured by using potato juice:

Stomach ulcer

If you suffer from stomach ulcers, daily consume 50 ml of potato juice on an empty stomach. Consume the potato juice before lunch and dinner.

Cancerous Diseases

Potato juice is a part of the therapy for the treatment of cancer.

Blood sugar

Regulation of blood sugar can be done by consuming potato juice on a daily basis.


If you suffer from gastritis, 1 tablespoon potato juice diluted with water should be taken half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Diseases of the spleen and liver, heart disease, frequent headaches and menstrual pain

Consume potato juice on a daily basis.

Preparation of potato juice

Wash the potatoes and remove the green parts of the crust. Place the potatoes in a juicer and mix them less than a minute in order to get a glass full of health. If you want to have even better and faster results, drink this juice fresh.

H/T: Healthyfoodstar

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