Abs-olutely Awesome 10 Minute Core Workout

Whether you are gearing up for a marathon or a mountain trek, it takes tremendous dedication and rigorous exercising to build the levels of endurance and stamina that you will need. As part of my preparations I start to do more yoga, push-ups, and increase emphasis on strength cross training. A big component of that for me is core work.

A strong core improves results all over the board when it comes to fitness, in everything from running, to yoga to being able to do handstands. In terms of strength, I’m all about the practicality. I want a strong upper body, so I can lift and move the things I want to, pull myself up onto the counter when I need to reach something on the very top shelf and so on.

All of this becomes possible with core-strengthening exercises, and all you need is a solid 10-20 minute core workout. Here’s a routine that I follow and would highly recommend:

Rest for 1-2 minutes and then repeat for a solid 10 minute abs workout.

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