Abs-olutely Awesome 10 Minute Core Workout

The Routine Explained

Yogi Bicycle

This is a variation of the standard bicycle ab exercise, with the main difference being that you hold it for a count of two on each side – hands behind your head, left elbow to right bent knee, with left leg out straight and core firm, lifting the chest off the floor. Hold for two counts and then switch sides.

Mountain Climbers

Plank position with left leg coming to left elbow and right leg to right elbow, alternating sides. Squeeze your core in and bring your leg as close to your elbow as possible. This should be repeated 15 times for each side. If you need an extra challenge, bring opposite knee to opposite elbow!

High Mountain Climbers

This is a variation of mountain climbers in which you perch your legs on the edge of a chair or bed, so they are higher than your body and you are planking on an angle. Repeat the same motions as instructed for regular mountain climbers.

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