Add Only 3 Drops Of Oregano Oil In Your Water And You’ll Do This To Your Lungs

However, the widespread of antibiotics caused big resistance to drugs. That is why; doctors suggest that the patient should be tested to sensitivity to the antibiotic before the patient uses it.

On the opposite, oregano oil is used for treating jaundice, dysentery, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and chronic inflammation in the Middle East and its powerful antibacterial properties were confirmed by different studies.

Moreover, oregano oil contains a lot of minerals including zinc, copper, boron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and, manganese. Different researches have shown that it is completely safe to be used by people, even when they are combined with antibiotics in order to treat infections.

It can prevent effectively colds and flu colds. You just have to take 3 drops of oregano oil every day and add them in a drink. You can add it in orange juice for example. It is a treatment that should last for 5 days maximum and after the 5 days the symptoms will be gone.

Another efficient treatment for pneumonia is baking soda, because it is able to neutralize the acids and breaks down all proteins. It is able to maintain and regulate the pH balance of the blood.

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