After Food Drinks As Per Ayurveda

The drinks which are consumed after food or after medications are known as “anupana” in ayurveda. These drinks help in healthy digestion of food and also enhance the therapeutic value of medications. Ayurveda acharyas describe the qualities of anupana or after food drink as written in ayurveda ” Shashtra” Books.
This means an ideal after food drink must have opposite properties of the food consumed and also it must be compatible with the food or medication.
Here is a list of healthy after food drinks:
Cold Water 

This should be consumed after a meal prepared with barley, wheat, curd and honey.

Warm Water

When foods are loaded with carbohydrates, starch, cream, etc, this drink is ideal.


When lots of vegetables and pulses are present in food, butter milk is an ideal after drink.

Honey and Water

 Honey and water is the best after food drink for those who want to lose weight.

Honey Water

 This is the best after food drink for those who are emaciated, walk long distances and sing or speak for long hours. It is like nectar for those who are recovering from diseases. Milk provides full nourishment for children and aged.


Don’t drink anything before ½ hour of meal and 2½ hour after meal according to Ayurveda.
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