Alarming – He Was Only Using His Phone Like All of Us, but It Almost Killed Him!

This is why the use of mobile phone during charging can be very dangerous to your life!

Covering the phone with a blanket, a pillow, or your own body affects the additional heating of the batteries, which greatly increases the risk of explosion and injury.

Warnig About Mobile Phones

In addition, extra caution is needed when purchasing batteries and you should only do it from trusted suppliers.

The story of this boy explores the prejudice that the phone is more radiant when the battery is low, and that it increases the risk to health. However, this is not true!

More radiation can be caused only by a weaker signal, or the moment when the phone is trying to connect with a nearby base station.

Mobile in Bed

An accident occurred to this boy from India, resulting in the use of the phone, which was purchased from an unsigned manufacturer from China.


Be careful when using your mobile phone and do not use parts that have not been purchased from an authorized dealer!

Source: Sport Online Group

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