All you need is one ingredient! This drink will break your kidney stones in 10 days!

You-need-only-one-ingredient-This-drink-will-break-your-kidney-stones-in-10-daysThis article will help you to get rid of the kidney stones without visiting a doctor and it is one of the best known home made remedies.

Kidney stones can be cured within 48 hours without greater problems. In order to do this you need big amount of fluids so that the stones can be thrown out of the kidneys.

If the stone happens to be larger, pitching out the stone can be very difficult and painful if medications are not involved. The best home made remedy for that kind of problem is consisted of the millet. The millet can help you in pitching out the kidney stones in only 10 days.

The grain can melt stones, sand and the calculus in the kidneys and bladder and it helps your body to get rid of toxins.

All you need is:

200 grams of millet

Pot of 3 liters

2 liters of water

We put the millet in hot water and leave it over the night. The next morning we pour the millet in a bigger pot, and warm 2 liters of water until it boils. Then we pour the boiling water in the millet. We cover the pot and leave until the evening. At the end we mix the drink and drain the millet. We keep the drained liquid in a glass holder and consume this drink for 10 to 15 days on a daily basis but not less than a cup of a day.

Source : My Natural Way of Life

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