You still have a microwave oven in your home? You can throw it away immediately and you will not feel sorry. Why? It is because the microwave oven is a machine that kills people all over the world.

Consumers from all over the world are dying because they eat unhealthy food. Not only do they eat unhealthy food, but they eat irradiated and completely dead food. In Russia for example, the microwave ovens are forbidden from 1976 because Russian people did not want to “kill off” their people just like that, like the rest of the western world does. Later, they were brought back in use again because of the pressure of the western world on Russia, even though people in Russia still refuse to have in their homes something as dangerous as the microwave oven is.

They were banned because of the huge number of scientific studies that have proved their incredible bad effects. Did you know that people are the unhealthiest mammals on the entire planet? This is due to the fact that people nowadays do not eat food, but pure poison.

Namely, the microwave oven is a part of almost every household. And people do not even know how harmful it is. The microwave oven is a tool that turns a perfectly healthy piece of raw food which is abundant in vitamins and natural ingredients into a completely bare ingredient without any nutritional value in it, and not only that, the microwave oven even makes this unhealthy food irradiated. Thus, instead consuming food rich in vitamins, people nowadays consume the complete opposite. They consciously kill the nutritive value of their food and instead take in their bodies something that it is not even a food.

The invention of the microwave oven and its mass acceptance by the population happens in the time of obesity occurrence, but also in the time of mass cancer occurrence in the developed world countries. Not only that the microwave oven has become convenient for consumption of food that triggers obesity, it is also destroying almost all beneficial ingredients of that food, leaving the consumers in a gormandized state. The microwave oven also emits radiation, and people do not even know that they should not be close to it when it is turned on. It is a radioactive radiation that causes numerous diseases, such as tumors and different cists.

The result of the mass distribution of the microwave oven is, of course, what we all witness today: epidemy of diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, depression, kidney harm, liver problems and much more. These illnesses are all caused by the combination of obesity and exposure to toxic chemicals from the irradiated food. The obesity is almost automatically guaranteed by the microwave oven and being exposed to toxic chemicals is very easy and common, and it is achieved only by eating processed food from the microwave. The microwave food is food you get by radiation and this is a fact that is very often forgotten by many people.

It is very interesting how people who always claim that they would never eat “irradiated” food eat the same type of food in great quantities, thanks to the microwave oven. This is just one more indication of how unaware people are of the things they take into their body. The fact is – that is completely the same. The microwave rays were originally called “radar rays”, and when they were first brought to the market in 1970, they were advertised as “radar rays”. Nobody noticed anything suspicious? The bombing of the food with radiation rays has become completely normal nowadays for the most of the people and this is what is really concerning.

The microwave oven is a machine of the living dead. People who use microwave ovens every day are on their way to degenerative illnesses and a lifetime battle with obesity, but also to a quick death, which is of course, proved. The more you use the microwave oven, the worse your health state is going to become, and most likely you will be diagnosed with different diseases and become dependant on different pills. All this, believe it or not, is intentionally thought of, because people today have reached a phase when they kill themselves intentionally with the help of different tools that the elites have invented.

Do yourselves a favor and throw away your microwave oven, and start heating your food in a regular oven. It is a bit of a longer process, but it is worth it when it comes to your health and your life. Do not get involved into the propaganda because if you do not take care of yourselves, nobody else is going to.

These are some of the latest scientific facts and discoveries about the food from the microwave oven:

  1. the food from the microwave oven loses sixty to ninety percent of its vital-energetic field and the microwaves accelerate the structural decomposition of the food
  2. the microwave oven creates carcinogens in the milk and in the cereals
  3.  the microwave oven degrades the basic ingredients in the food, which causes digestive issues
  4. the microwave oven changes the chemistry of the food, which can lead to issues in the lymphatic system and degeneration of body’s ability to protect itself from carcinogenic tumors
  5. food from the microwave oven can lead to increased number of carcinogenic cells in the bloodstream
  6. the microwave oven makes changes in the decomposition of the elementary ingredients when the raw, the cooked or the frozen vegetables are being exposed to it, even if it is for just a short time, which is sufficient time for creating free radicals
  7. the food from the microwave causes gastric and intestinal carcinogenic tumors, common degeneration of the peripheral tissue and the tissue of the cells, decomposition of the digestive and the secrete composition in a statistically high percent in people
  8.  the food from the microwave oven reduces the ability of the body to use the vitamins from the B group, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential minerals etc.

Source: Healthy Life Centar

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