Amazing Acne Cure – This Fruit Will Remove Them Forever

Surely no one wants to have a problematic skin, especially with spots or acne scars.amazing-acne-cure-this-fruit-will-remove-them-forever

In the treatment of scars left by acne, it is important to distinguish between the scars and dark spots because they are usually temporary. The dark spots are caused by infections and they cause redness on the face, which usually subsides in three to six months.

Acne scars are permanent and have a different shape and size. They appear after you squeeze the acne, and since the skin closes after it is healed, it leads to scars.

Many think that the only way to get rid of the pesky acne is to do some expensive laser treatments. But the secret lies in a very simple ingredient, which almost all of us already have it at home – a tangerine.

Tangerine, or any other fruit which has a high level of citrus, can be used in the preparation of a facial “oil”.

This fruit can permanently remove the appearance of acne and what’s more, in a few hours. Moreover, this mask moisturizes the hair, beautifies the complexion, gives freshness to the skin, leads to a youthful glow and has many other benefits.

To prepare the citrus “oil”, follow these steps:

First step: Peel your citrus fruits (tangerine, lemon, grapefruit …).

Second step: Pour some boiling water over the peel of the fruit and leave it thus overnight.

Third step: In the morning, strain the water, soak some cotton in it and dub it on the face or simply put it in a spray bottle and spray to the face.

Fourth step: Soak your skin nicely and that’s it. What you’ll get is a fully hydrated and radiant skin without acne.

Citrus fruits are not only incredibly good for the skin, but they can help the whole body. They are good for your hair, as they provide a fantastic shine, and if you consume this fruit, you will detoxify your whole body, you will improve the metabolism, increase your immunity, energize your body and it will even help you lose some excess weight.

Source: Natural Cures And Home Remedies

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