Amazing Benefits Of Potato, Parsley, Celery And Carrots For Gastritis

Amazing Juices for gastritis # 1


-1 handful of chopped parsley
-1 carrot


Wash and chop the parsley with a knife and then wash and chop the carrot. Put both ingredients in the blender with a little water and liquefy for a few moments. Take this juice daily. It is important to note that parsley can soothe some of the symptoms of gastritis as heartburn, heartburn , gas , and decreased appetite.

Juice for gastritis # 2


-5 carrots
-2 sprigs of celery
-1/2 cup spinach

Wash and chop both the carrots and the celery branches. Put in blender along with a little water and liquefy for a few moments. Then add the spinach washed and chopped and re-liquefy. Strain and take one or two glasses daily.

Juice for gastritis # 3


-2 ripe bananas or bananas
-2 pears


Place the bananas and pears in the blender properly washed and chopped. Liquify for a few moments. Take 2 times a day. These two foods protect the gastric mucosa. Therefore, it is recommended to people suffering from gastritis.

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