Amazing Healing Property Of Tulsi (Holy Basil)

1. Apply tulsi juice to the head at night, cures lice and dandruff.

2. Take tulsi juice with sugar, daily as tonic, before sleeping at night. Very useful in insomnia.

3. Put 3 drops of tulsi leaves juice in to the eyes. Very useful in eye burn, water from the eyes.

4. Grind the tulsi seeds, then apply in to eyes. It removes dust from the eyes.

5. Daily eat some tulsi leaves. It Reduces hair fall within 1 month.

6. Take Tulsi leaves and pudina leaves. Boil in water. Make juice and drink. Very useful in regular fever.

7. Eat tulsi leaves along with black dhatura seeds. It gives you good sleep.

8. Take tulsi juice with pomegranate juice. Very useful in ear pain and bodyache.

9. Drop tulsi leaves juice in eyes. It improves eyesight .

10. Apply tulsi juice to the head daily for six months. Useful in premature hair greying.

11. Warm the rudra tulsi leaves, extract the juice, and drop in to the ears. It cures ear pain.

12. Dry up the tulsi juice in the shade, make it thick & then apply on swollen eyes and for blackness under the eyes.

13. Soak some tulsi leaves in the water at night, in the morning, wash the teeth with this water. It cures mouth bad odour ,mouth ulcers etc.

14. Chew daily some vana tulsi leaves. Useful in kapha in the lungs, purifies bronchial tracts.
15. Take 1 spoon mixture juice of tulsi and honey daily. Very useful in stomatitis, throat infections, voice disturbance.

16. Take tulsi seeds powder with milk. It cures vomiting.

17. Inhale the tulsi leaves powder. Very useful in asthma.
18. Take tulsi leaves juice with betel leaves juice and sugar in little amounts, daily. It improves appetite.

19. Boil some tulsi leaves, crush them and extract juice & drink this juice daily. Very useful for liver diseases.

20. Mix the equal quantities of tulsi juice, onion juice, ginger juice, honey. Take this mixture 6 or 7 spoons, twice a day. Help to gives relief in motions and bleeding motions.
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