Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Oranges

Tropical and subtropical climates are the appropriate conditions for the growth of sweet oranges. Sweet oranges are the most-widely preferred ones. Some eat sweet orange as it is or make juice out of it while some may even go the extent of using its peel. Since 1987, sweet oranges have gotten cultivated in tremendous scale and the amount up to the majority of citrus production in the world, is up to 70%.

Orange is loaded with myriad health benefits. They are:

Maintaining immunity
Orange is an abode of vitamin C that can augment the immune system thus protecting you from catching cold or cough.


Prevents cancer
The presence of citrus limonoids in orange helps in preventing cancer of various types ranging from skin cancer to breast cancer. Moreover, the studies provide ample proof that consuming mandarin oranges reduce the risk of liver cancer. Carotenoids, the vitamin A compounds play the major role here.

No more viral infections
The polyphenols being rich in orange defends your body against any viral infection.

Happy at heart
Orange is abundant in vitamin C and potassium which in turn will help in neutralizing free radicals,  the main instigator behind heart attack and stroke and protects your body from cholesterol oxidization.


Lowering cholesterol
Hesperidins, a flavonoid maintains healthy cholesterol levels. Hesperidins cuts down bad cholesterol and retains only good cholesterol in your body.

Aid for dehydration
During dehydration, orange juice can make up to an oral rehydration solution (ORS) since the juice contains potassium solid electrolytes that can stop vomiting and get your appetite back.


Helpful in vision
The vitamin A compound known as the carotenoid prevents macular degeneration and gifts you with wonderful vision.

Skin protector
The antioxidant beta-carotene protects the cells from getting damaged and by blocking free radicals, the ageing issue won’t fetch you easily.

Moderate blood pressure
The magnesium content in oranges helps in maintaining your blood pressure intact and withal the flavonoid hespiridin which regulates high blood pressure.


So what’s more to droop on? Orange is definitely a beneficial fruit.

Eat Oranges ! Eat Fruits ! Be Vegetarian!!!
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