Amazing Homemade Shampoo That Will Save Your Hair

It provides cleaning your hair from any type of chemicals by the shampooers or hair conditioners and you should definitely use it instead of them.

If you happen to lead healthy and organic life and you do not make use of any kind of chemicals even in your basic beauty routines this can be a good idea to begin using it. It is entirely safe and the results are amazing.

Amazing Homemade Shampoo That Will Save Your Hair

Even if you face the difficulties in the beginning due to the non-foaming part you must recall the treatment as the final results are amazing.

Instructions for preparing it:

First of all you will need a small squeeze bottle. The dosing is determined by your hair length. The normal dose is 1 part of baking soda and 3 parts of water but if your hair is lengthier you need to mix 2 to 3 spoons of baking soda and 3 times that quantity of water.

The entire procedure lasts 2-3 minutes and you must have warm water for later on. You need to put it on dry or wet hair beginning from the roots to the ends.

As soon as you’ll finished with it, you should apply a vinegar rinse.

Such mixture for the vinegar should comprise the following: 1 part of apple cider and 4 parts of water.

In case there is a smell which is not suitable for your nose you might consider to include some rosemary or lavender essential oil.

Please consider that in order to protect your face, keep your head turned back and your eyes strictly closed. The wash needs to be distributed through your hair.

Source: Healthy Food Headlines

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