Amazing Indian Home Remedies For Asthma! See!

Lots have different problems with the lungs, but asthma, bronchitis and different forms of coughing are more often. The problems can be caused from infection, allergy or smoking cigarettes.

This is a folk remedy for all these diseases, especially asthma. The cure is prepared in different variants and it presents an experience from our grandmothers.



500 g red onion
500 g sugar
2 lemons
1 1/2 l water
7 bigger spoons honey


The sugar is heated over medium heat with constant stirring until it gets a red color. Then add the chopped onion, fry it for a short time and add water. All together is cooked over medium temperature until 1/3 water evaporates. After that it is left to cool down, the drained drink juice from the two lemons and the honey is added, and it is mixed until it gets equal.

The mixture is left to stay for a bit, then is estimated and stored in a glass bottle.

USE: One soup spoon before every meal, while to spend the entire amount. Make one additional dose if necessary until total curing. The kids take one small spoon before every meal.

Source: homehealthyrecipes

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