Amazing Recipe – Use It Every 5 Years and Say Goodbye to All Diseases!

This is a powerful remedy and it can be cure for a lot of diseases. Nevertheless, it should be used with caution and once in every 5 years since it is very strong.

The principal ingredient of this remedy is garlic, which is one of the most health beneficial and versatile vegetables. Alicin is an active ingredient of the garlic which has potent antimicrobial and medicinal properties.

Incredible-Recipe-Use-This-Every-5-Years-and-Forget-about-All-DiseasesThis folk remedy has shown beyond doubt that it is very efficient as a treatment for lung diseases, atherosclerosis, sinusitis, arthritis, hypertension, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, impotence and gastritis. To add, it improves the metabolism, hearing and vision. It also acts as a stimulus for weight loss.


  • 350grams of garlic,
  • 200ml rum or 95% alcohol.

If you choose alcohol, it must not contain benzalkonium chloride or methanol.


You need to peel the garlic first and then mash it. Combine the mashed garlic with rum or alcohol and put it in a glass jar. Leave the mixture sit in for 10 days and strain it after that. After you have strained it, keep it in the fridge for two weeks.


You should drink this prior to meals for 12 days. Add it to water following these instructions: add one drop prior to breakfast, add two drops prior to lunch and add three drops prior to dinner. You must strictly follow the dosage that is recommended.

Source: Health & Weight Loss Done!

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