Amazing Tea That Cures More Than 50 Diseases! Must See!

This tea we write about today is a miraculous potion that cures more than fifty diseases.



Half a tablespoon of ginger
Half a tablespoon of clove
Half a tablespoon of cinnamon
1/6 tablespoon of turmeric
Half a glass of milk
Some honey, by your taste
A pinch of cardamom
A glass and a half of water


Pour a glass and a half of hot water over the mixture of all ingredients. In case you do not have ground spices and you prepare the tea from seeds, you have to let it boil and cook it for five minutes.

Stir everything well and you can add hot milk, to taste. Do not strain the tea. The tea is to be consumed during the entire day in unlimited quantities.

Source: healthandhealthyliving

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