Amazing Vrat Dishes You Must Try This Navratri!

For those of you who are fasting this Navratri, and think that the only way is eating fruits, here’s a list of 5 fasting recipes that will not only rescue you but will also make sure your taste buds don’t complain:

1. Kuttu ke Pakode

Made from Kuttu or buckwheat flour, and mashed potatoes is the perfect way to snack during fasting.

Kuttu ke Pakode

 2. Rajgire ke Poori

These yummy pooris are made from a very common fasting ingredient – Rajgire ka Atta – that is also known as Amarnath.

Rajgire ke Poori

3.Fruit Salad

If you’re looking for something light and sweet to snack on, then look no further, because this fruit salad is the the best thing.

Fruit Salad

4. Singhare Atta ka Halwa

This delicious halwa is made from the flour of dried water chestnuts (singhara atta).

Singhare Atta ka Halwa

5. Dry Fruits Laddu

This heaven is made from nuts and raisins and is basically the best laddu ever.

Dry Fruits Laddu

H/T: Storypick

So go ahead, and enjoy your Navratri with family and of course, share these amazing vrat recipes with your friends!

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